The Kuvasz


The Kuvasz

FCI - Kind of condition Nr. 54


Small Rasseportrait



UTILISATION: The Kuvasz is used as a watch and guard dog for houses, property and other valuables, as well as for people. He has also been used as a hunting and scenting dog.

BRIEF HISTORICAL SUMMARY: The Kuvasz is a long established, ancient Hungarian Shepherd Dog. His ancestors came into the Carpathian basin at the time of occupation by the Magyars. These dogs were needed to watch and guard their flocks against beasts of prey and thieves. Because of his hunting instinct, the Kuvasz was the preferred hunting dog at the time of King Matthias Corvinus. Since the decline in stock-herding, he has much less been used for his original duties and he has settled in villages and later even in towns.


GENERAL APPEARANCE : The dogs of this breed are strong and large and carry a dense, wavy, white coat. Their pleasing appearance radiates nobility and strength. The individual body parts fit together harmoniously, the limbs being neither too short nor too long.

The bone structure is strong but not coarse. The strong muscles are lean, the joints show clear outlines.

Seen from the side, the body forms a prone rectangle, almost a square. Well muscled he shows a strong build, a lively temperament and great agility. His appearance embodies a tireless working ability.



BEHAVIOUR / TEMPERAMENT : The Kuvasz is brave and fearless. He defends the people entrusted to his care and his protection and their property, even with his life. He is self-confident and may become aggressive if ill-treated. He is faithful, dependable and loves his master and his surroundings. He needs plenty of excercise and must be kept busy. He is undemanding. His care is easy and he can stand very severe weather conditions. He appreciates any love and solicitude given to him.



HEIGHT AT WITHERS                        

Dogs:         71 – 76 cm

Bitches:      66 – 70 cm



Dogs:         48 – 62 kg

Bitches:      37 – 50 kg.