In memory


now you are away, at another place. Haste finally

 production and you opened to the last peace.

You believed in it, in the life and the fun.

At the end of the illness concerned.

      In the peaceful, releasing, painless sleep

you escaped from this world.


      We will miss you, but we will always know ,

      you watch from the sky.

        As an angel you keep your paws protecting over us.

        A last greeting.

          A last word,




Sammy :  born 01.04.1999  // died 16.07.2008




Mister Kimba vom Felsenmeer   :   born 04.07.1997  // died 16.09.2010



Edelény Kerti Tücsök " Ulka"

geb. 22.02.2003  //  gest. 27.06.2012